For those who are not familiar with color DNA genetics, I will try to give a simple explanation for producing buckskin color 100% of the time. A horse has to carry two copies of a color gene in order to throw it to their offspring 100% of the time. Our horses carry two copies of the cream gene, the black gene and the agouti gene. The cream gene produces the golden color, the black gene produces the black color, and the agouti gene throws the black to the points (legs , tail, mane, ears).

The fact that they carry two of all these genes makes our horses buckskin producers 100% of the time bred with all red, black and bay mares. If  bred to another cream colored horse, you have of 50/50 chance of perlino or buckskin color. If bred with other color modifiers , such as grey, champagne, silver or roan, the buckskin color would have a 50% of being altered by the modifier.

Color alone does not produce a desirable horse. Our horses are also naturally gaited, intelligent, have beautiful heads and confirmations and mature to an average of 15 hands more or less. They truly are the entire package. Yearlings and weanlings are available for sale at most times. Call or text Steve for availability at 270 403 3525.